Online Submission Guidelines

Online Submission Guidelines

How to Registration in a Cendekiawan Journal in Indonesian

Video How to Registration in a Cendekiawan Journal in Indonesian

Steps for Cendekiawan Registration

1. Go to the Cendekiawan start page, click on the following web address: 

2. Click on Register in the upper right corner, see the following picture!

3. After clicking Register, a page will appear as below. Then please be able to fill in the empty fields.

For the Profile column:
- An asterisk (*) means that it is required
- Given Name * is filled in with the name, the name can only be 1 word, 2 words, up to 3 words. Example: Iqbal / Muhammad Iqbal.
- Family Name is inputted with the family name or surname in the name, usually the last name / word is written.
Example: Arrosyad

- Affiliation * is filled with the affiliation of the author, affiliation also means membership of the workplace. So it can be filled in with the name of the workplace or the name of the work group. Example: Muhammadiyah Bangka Belitung University or Muhammadiyah Bangka Belitung Elementary School

- Country * to be inputted with Country of origin. Example: Indonesia

For Login Column:
The login column is used to log into the Scholars website.
- Email * is filled with the author's email address, it may be from gmail, yahoo, or another email address. For example: [email protected]
- Username * is filled with username. Example: iqbalarrosyad
- Password * is filled with writing that is not easily memorized or recognized by others, because it is confidential. Better to add code, number, capital letters. Example: Barokallah92
- Repeat Password * is filled by writing the password as above, so the writing is the same. Example: Barokallah92

For a checklist like the description of the image above, it can be explained:
Yes, I agree to have my data collected and stored according to the privacy statement.
- Click on this section to give consent to my data being collected and stored in accordance with the privacy statement
Yes, I would like to be notified of new publications and announcements.
- If you click on this section so there will be notification in the OJS system and email that was written before.
Yes, I would like to be contacted with requests for review submissions to this journal.
- If you as the author click on this section it will appear as shown below.

- this means that you are encouraged to write the name "Reviewing interests" or reviewers on articles sent as suggestions for administrators at Scholars. So for this section no need to be filled is allowed.

- If you have everything, then click Register, it will appear as shown below.

  1. Registration complete means that the registration is complete
    - If it appears as shown below, registration is complete. Furthermore, you can start submitting articles by clicking "Make a New Submission" which means Create a New Submission.
    - For an explanation of how to make a new submission, see "How to submission in a Cendekiawan Journal in Indonesian".